Bill and Ted’s Exegetical Adventure

I recently had the privilege of writing “10 Sci-Fi Movies That Can Help Shape Your Theology” for RELEVANT Magazine’s website.

There is one important film I neglected to include… no, no, not LEFT BEHIND.

The two modern film icons most triumphantly apt to help shape and inform the modern church are yes, Bill S. Preston, Esq., and Ted “Theodore” Logan. For it’s no stretch to say that the 21st century church is, like Bill and Ted, flunking history.

The early church fathers are MIA and Biblical scholarship is on life support as seminaries around the country combat steep declines in attendance. Accurate Biblical interpretation and emphasis on correct context have been swapped for bite sized bits of the Bible cut and pasted to fill a bullet point.

What the church needs is a magical phone booth, or confessional booth, to go in back in time and return with some Christian legends. Not Jesus per say (let’s not preempt the Second Coming). How about the Prophet Isaiah, the Apostle Paul, and St. Augustine returning to clear up some (let’s be realistic) of our denominational disputes?

The long term benefits of bringing history into the present, as Bill and Ted have shown, is that not only will it result in a passing grade in class; you will also learn how to remain friends with fellow man and make beautiful music that will become the foundation for future societies, end war and poverty, align the planets and allow communion between all beings on Earth and in the heavens (Yes, that is how the Excellent Adventure ends)… most triumphant indeed.